Amber is a note commonly used in perfumery to add woody and warm notes, along with a tad of sweetness, to the perfumes of top brands. Amber also shines as the main note in niche perfume, creating a strong yet smooth and soft aroma, playing along the line of unisex fragrances and bringing to the perfume a multi-dimensional and classy vibe.


First launch in 1924, “La Route d’Emeraude” – The road to the Emerald Triangle from Isabey was designed by Julien Viard, in a faceted bottle and a jewel-like case, reminiscent of the splendor of the Far East.

This perfume is inspired, with a touch of nostalgia, by the journey leading to the “Emerald Triangle” (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia), filled with the scents of Jasmine Sambac and blooming flowers. Many Orient lovers took the path to these faraway lands and experienced sensations that are recaptured in this re-edition of the mythical perfume.

Begin this experience and feel the sparkling freshness of Bergamot spiced by Cinnamon and softened by Rose essence, unveiling a flamboyant floral bouquet. The Sambac jasmine, opulent and seductive, is composing with the Orange flower and Tuberose, a seductive harmony of powerful white flowers, enriched with Ylang Ylang. Adorned with precious notes of Amber, Benzoin, Vanilla and Musk, this scented jewel leaves a unique and enveloping trail.


A highly precise work to execute the most accurate accords and make out of Ambre Précieux an exceptional fragrance; a unique and timeless perfume.. This perfume is an aromatic start of myrtle and lavender; heart notes consisting of nutmeg, labdanum Cistus and vanilla. The ambergris is toned-down by Tolu and Peru balsams.


An intense and Woody Amber composition. A skin fragrance. The main accord, Amber, signs here a sensual, long-lasting and unforgettable trail.

Bel Ambre is more than just Amber: it is a tale to be told for who wears it, a tale of mystery and attraction. Rare are those who will resist the many facets of this scent.