The city of Grasse is familiar to most perfume lovers. This beautiful city of Southern France, located just north the French Riviera, has developed flower’s cultures and perfumery since the 17th century. The best scents and essences are produced by craftsmen since then. Many royal courts and noble people used to go there to enjoy the best products. Extracts for big perfumery houses and cosmetic brands all around the world are still produced today.

Unlike many Southern French cities, Grasse climate is Mediterranean but the temperatures are moderate. Flowers need sunlight and humid air to grow the best. This location is perfect since the climate is very sunny yet tempered. Jasmine and Orange blossom are the most famous flowers cultivated in this city. These extremely delicate flowers can only grow in very specific environment like this one.

Grasse is home to many of the main ingredients used in niche perfume brands carried at L’Apothiquaire, and Gelle Freres – alcohol-free perfume brand, use essential oils and extracts from flowers grown in Grasse in all of their products.