Rainy season has come, and just like the weather, your fragrance changes according to season too. Let’s check out L’Apothiquaire’s suggestions of fragrances to wear for the rainy days ahead!

Miller Harris La Pluie

A story of tropical showers and the balmy climate of a far away island.  Top notes of tangerine and lavender refresh a heart of cassis and wet white flowers - ylang ylang and jasmine.  This tropical centrepiece is further enhanced by ethereal notes of vetiver and vanilla bourbon from the Island of Reunion.

A refreshing scent, just like summer showers.

Isabey Gardenia

Launched in 1926, Le Gardénia is considered as one of the most prestigious of its kind in the world. Among the rarest sixty fragrances in the book “Scentfully Precious” of J-M Martin-Hattemberg, Le Gardénia is known for its distinguished match of bottle drawn by Julien Viard and jewel case-like box elaborated by Sorys.

Isabey Gardenia is the ultimate, splurge-worthy, Rembrandt of Gardenia Scents. Luminous and sensual, this captures the true essence of this bewitching bloom – it feels like holding the glowing white blossom in your hand.

Velvety soft, with an embracing warmth, this is a rich, heady, unforgettable floral. Truly luxurious, Gardénia is the rare Gardenia scent that perfectly captures the very essence of a solitary bloom.

Heady, yet deceptively soft, sensuous and warm, there is no doubt that this is a unique fragrance.

Casamorati Regio.

Built upon the magnificent sea and gentle breezes of southern Regio is a rich mosaic of Mediterranean memories. Its distinctive aroma is a sublime olfactory blend of fresh citrus and handpicked lavender flowers. A bouquet of exquisite spices and rare precious woods fill the sails recalling a time when stories and culture were passed from generations of travelers who merged distant lands kissed by the sea.

A fragrance for the travelers’ souls.

The Merchant of Venice Esperidi Water

The colour of amber, symbol for a refined and noble character, highlights the new, contemporary accord of Esperidi Water, a fragrance where the freshness of orange and  lemon meets the intense sensuality of black pepper. The heart reveals a romantic bouquet of white flowers warmed by notes of noble woods such as cedarwood and vetiver.

The base note fully expresses the virility of the fragrance, and its touches of white musk are exalted by the dignified elegance of the amber notes.

A truly beautiful present for those Amber-lovers.