Who doesn’t love the smell of roses  - charming, alluring and romantic, yet full of elegance. Rose perfumes are one of the must-have fragrances in a woman’s wardrobe. Like an elegant dress, a beautiful Rose Fragrance can be worn at any occasion – be it a date, a wedding, or an anniversary. There are hardly any event that you can go wrong by wearing a Rose Perfume. Let’s check out some Rose Perfumes that L’Apothiquaire has brought to all of our Queens out there!

 Miller Harris Rose Silence

The week is gone, the room is your own. A beam of light streams in through the curtains and you wake slowly, breathing the scent of a fresh white pillow. An unexpected embrace: faint, fresh rose with undertones of sandalwood and patchouli, untouchable yet crisp, possessing an intoxicating magic. An intimate, thrilling moment…

Gelle Freres Rose Galante

A tender and romantic fragrance, kike a fine preserve of a petal pink dragée! Recollections of a gentle and peaceful world. A fragrance for those in love with the very idea of love! Designed for the romantic queen who lives for love.  Passionate & sensible, she dreams about Great Love and finds romance in every single place.

The Merchant of Venice Rosa Moceniga

The Mocenigo Rose, a rare and precious flower, is native to China. The name derives from an ancient Venetian family, owner of a historic residence in Alvisopoli.

For the past 200 years, this residence has boasted an exquisite rose garden, the contents of which were originally imported from France by Lucia Mocenigo, due in no small part to her close friendship with Joséphine Bonaparte, a noted lover of this kind of flower.

The flower is characterised by a lightly tinted, silky-pink colour. It has a strong and fruity scent, a feminine fragrance – in its most fascinating natural expression - that highlights the beauty of this rose. With main note of the Mocenigo Rose, Rosa Moceniga embodies a mysterious scent, like a unicorn.

Casamorati Lira

Lira is a mysterious, provocative and talented starlet; she blends fiction and reality. She moves confidently with her theatrical flareand intriguing backstage secrets.

Lira captures you with her sparkling Mediterranean citrus blend, gently cocooned by handpicked lavender flowers. Her uncompromising charm, on and off stage,  is revealed by distilled Bulgarian rose  and narcotic  Egyptian jasmine both blended in an intoxicating Vanilla and Caramel love potion. Her story concludes with enchanting oriental spices and Licorice flowers, conjuring up vivid dreams of her sultry love stories.