Eau De Parfum Rosa Moceniga 100ml


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Niche Perfume The Merchant of Venice Eau De Parfum Rosa Moceniga with the main note of the Mocenigo Rose

The flower has a strong and fruity  scent, a feminine fragrance

Top Notes: Magnolia, Lotus Flower, Rose Absolute

Heart Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Amber Crystal, White Cedar

Base Notes: Mocenigo Rose Essence, Lemon of Sicily, Black Currant Leaves

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The Merchant of Venice is a brand that has its conceptual origins in the ancient Art of Perfumery originated in Venice and from its centuries old trade with the Orient. The line is inspired by the “Mude,” the maritime trade routes that covered a very large area from Asia to Africa, and on to Europe as far as the Northern Seas.

The historic nature and the prestige of the brand expresses itself by precious fragrances carried out by perfurmers who reinterprete the ancient recipes. The sophisticated creations are boxed in precious perfume bottles inspired by the millenary art of Venetian glass. History and culture are at the base of The Merchant of Venice that perfectly combines them in excellent Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, body products and home fragrances.

Niche Perfume The Merchant of Venice Eau De Parfum Rosa Moceniga with the main note of the Mocenigo Rose, a rare and precious flower, is native to China. The name derives from an  ancient Venetian family, owner of a historic  residence in Alvisopoli.

For the past 200 years, this residence has  boasted an exquisite rose garden, the contents  of which were originally imported from France  by Lucia Mocenigo, due in no small part to her  close friendship with Joséphine Bonaparte, a  noted lover of this kind of flower.

The flower is characterised by a lightly tinted,  silky-pink colour. It has a strong and fruity  scent, a feminine fragrance – in its most  fascinating natural expression - that highlights  the beauty of this rose.

The Mocenigo Rose is a unicorn that embodies a  mystery, one yet to be completely disclosed.

Top Notes: Magnolia, Lotus Flower, Rose Absolute

Heart Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Musk, Amber Crystal, White Cedar

Base Notes: Mocenigo Rose Essence, Lemon of Sicily, Black Currant Leaves

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