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L'Apothiquaire Artisan Beauté

In the 17th century, l’Apothicaire was the ancestor of the pharmacist.  l’Apothicaire was a scientist, an herbalist and for many people, he or she was also considered a magician.

L’Apothicaire had great knowledge in ancestral remedies and plants to create his / her potions, pills, lotions, pomades and creams. He / she could treat physical and emotional ailments ranging from injuries, diseases, love dilemma and beauty concerns.

The word “Artisan” denotes the idea of things made with great care in a traditional way of very high quality and in small quantity. Everyone is unique and so is our skin.

Like l’Apothicaire, our skincare and body therapies are based on “ancestral knowledge” using “secret of the plants”.

L’Apothiquaire philosophy of using only the finest, natural and organic ingredients to offer delicate, effective healing for both mind and body. Scientifically tested, our skincare and body therapies have been developed with exquisite care to create treatments that offer spectacular results, from the very first try.

Since 2003, L’Apothiquaire is the appointed Vietnam distributor for many of the best artisan beauty care, niche perfumes and lifestyle products in Vietnam. We endeavor to continued offering to our valued clients many of the finest beauty brands from the world, celebrated for their quality and savoir-faire.

L’Apothiquaire is the distributor in Vietnam of: L’Apothiquaire Artisan Beaute’, Erbario Toscano, Erbaviva, Tocca, Miller Harris, REN Skincare, Isabey, Jacques Fath, Jardins D’Ecrivains, Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier, Alex Simone, Gelee Freres, Casamorati, Carriere Freres, Merchant of Venice, Rosebud Perfumes Co., Little Butterfly.