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Gift Set & Atomizer

Discover L’Apothiquaire’s selection of Perfume Gift Sets for him & for her from niche perfume brands like Tocca and The Merchant of Venice. Bring your favorite scents on the road with our perfume atomizers. 

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Gift Set Tocca Beauty Eau de parfum Viaggio 3x15ml
    Indulge in three of your favorite TOCCA fragrances in miniature. Niche Perfume Tocca Classic Eau de Parfum Viaggio...
    Gift Set & Atomizer The Merchant of Venice Kit L'Arte Profumatoria Veneziana 6x5ml
      A journey to discover the precious fragrances of the Murano Collection. Six vials of exclusive Eau de Parfum, an...
      Gift Set & Atomizer L APOTHIQUAIRE Artisan Beaute Perfume Travel Atomizer
        L'Apothiquaire collection of beautifully designed Travel Atomizer allows you to take your favorite scents with you...
        Perfume Discovery Set L APOTHIQUAIRE Artisan Beaute A Queen's Scent: Rose Fragrances Collection
          Like an elegant dress, a beautiful Rose Fragrance can be worn at any occasion – be it a date, a wedding, or an...
          Home L APOTHIQUAIRE Artisan Beaute A Bouquet of Flowers: Soft Floral Perfume Collection
          • New
          If you are a perfume-lover who loves the gentle and soft scent, you definitely have owned a floral perfume for...