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Gellé Frères

Gellé Frères is a Niche Perfume brand. The name shall always have a place in the history of beauty.In 1774, it all starts with Jean-Louis Fargeon, official perfumer to the court of Versailles and Marie-Antoinette, for whom he succeeds in bottling the scent of the Trianon gardens. In 1826, Jean-Baptiste and Augustin Gellé inherit Master Perfumer Fargeon's perfume formulas and open their first perfumery in Paris. This marks the very beginning of their success story! Gellé Frères produces the first "Cosmetic Treatise" to share the beauty secrets of Queens and make them accessible to all women. The beauty revolution is under way...In 1980, Gellé Frères launches a range of natural skin care products alongside tailored floral rituals at an intimate institute on Boulevard Haussmann in central Paris

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