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Mom and baby

Our organic mummy and baby care products were crafted with no chemicals and no toxins - mindful of breastfeeding moms, newborn and baby’s delicate skin. We offer the complete range of baby products: baby shampoo, baby body wash, baby lotion, diaper cream, baby oil, baby sunscreen. For expectant moms and new moms, we offer a range of organic mommy care products such as stretch mark oil, stretch mark butter and shaping cream. Products are from Erbaviva and Little Butterfly London.

Mom And Baby | L'Apothiquaire

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Baby Oil 120ml
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Erbaviva Organic Baby Oil is an emollient moisturizer and nourishing supplement for delicate and sensitive skin....
Completely nourishing and thoughtfully made with the highest quality natural emulsifiers and organic essential oils....
Erbaviva Organic Baby Body Wash is a gentle wash made with soothing chamomile and nourishing aloe, oat and calendula...
Thoughtfully formulated from nature, Erbabiva Organic Baby Shampoo nourishes the hair and scalp with a unique and...
Shaping Oil 120ml
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Luxuriate in Erbaviva Shaping Oil, a signature blend of organic essential oils effectively combined with the highly...